New Year Means New Habits

Inevitably, the new year rolls in and we all resolve to do better, be better, eat better etc. It’s human nature to want to start off the new year with a clean slate. I am no exception.

I’ve resolved to get back to the gym and back on my food plan. I was doing really good up until about October/November and then I just gave up on everything I had incorporated into my healthier lifestyle. I also decided to start this new blog. My last one was focused mostly on my part-time jewelry business and when I wanted to post a great idea from Pinterest, it just didn’t match up. That’s when Southern Style and Sass was born.

I was stumbling around looking for some fun new blogs to follow and I found this one, The Nest Effect.┬áIf you are OCD and love to organize things (like me), this is your site. On the flip side though, if you are organizationally challenged, you can definitely find some simple tricks to incorporate into your home lifestyle to get you on the right path. I was especially interested in this article. It’s from October, but it was a great way to remind us all how we can not only get organized, but stay organized.

Did you resolve to get more organized in this new year? If so, what are you doing to get that way? Feel free to share any tips and tricks that you’ve learned to help us all with our organizational resolutions!


Dream Board 2013

So this year, I decided to do a dream/vision board. If you are not sure what one is you can definitely Google it or check it out on Pinterest, but basically it’s sort of a visual to-do list. You can cut out pictures of trips you might want to take, recipes, crafts to make etc and you can do it with the whole family. It’s meant to be a visual wants list. Maybe this year you want to go on a cruise, or a trip to Disney with the family. This is a great way to get it out there for all to see and start making some plans to make it happen!

I put things on my board like trips to Bora Bora, Italy and Turks and Caicos. Now, I don’t have THAT much vacation time so I can’t do all of them, but that’s okay. I’m going to keep them on my dream board until I can successfully mark them off. I’ve always heard that you should write things down so they become real. Maybe this will help me do all of this traveling!

Have you ever done a dream/vision board? What are some of the things you would put on your board for this new year?