Starting the New Year right

Last year my husband and I made a lot of lifestyle changes. We stopping using plastic tupperware items and went to glass instead, stopped using products that have sulfates/parabens in them, started to eat cleaner and gluten-free as much as possible and started a regular work out routine. This year will be no different. However, the last two months or so of 2012, I found myself not wanting to work out or eat right. Of course, it had to be because the holidays were right around the corner, right?!?! Well, who knows, but this year I’m getting back on track. Starting today.

Today’s lunch is a bowl of leftover chili from dinner last night and a wrap. I used a gluten-free wrap and added roasted red pepper hummus, shredded carrots, spring mix and Boar’s Head reduced sodium oven roasted turkey. It was so good and filling. I’m starting this year off of a positive foot and hope you will do the same.

I hope you continue to follow on my journey to see what 2013 has in for store for us!