Green Manufacturing

It was only a matter of time before “green” living would venture into home/commercial construction, just as it does with the products we buy and the organic foods that we eat. Green products in this case are those that are used from renewable energy systems (think bamboo) and clean technology equipment used to manufacture those products.

Businesses seem to be jumping on board with this type of certification. Construction companies can now become LEED Certified. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This type of building “provides a way for all buildings claiming to be sustainable to be graded on a common scale.” There are different levels of LEED certification as well, so companies have a scale to go by when deciding what type of certification to go after. The benefits to LEED certification are:

-Happier employees; bigger windows, open spaces usually built with employee comfort in mind

-strong commitment to the community and environment

-lower operating costs

-positive public image; because people appreciate and recognize when businesses are committed to save environmental practices

If you notice now when searching for hotel rooms, you can even opt to search for green hotels. I think this is important for businesses to go green whenever possible. The construction industry, by nature, is a wasteful one and anything that they can do to help sustain the environment is not only important but necessary.



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