Tech Talk: What’s New?

Google defines Technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.” When you come across articles discussing the future regarding the way we travel, this definition definitely applies. Who would have thought that in our lifetime, we would see cars that can drive themselves or that jet packs would be a part of our reality? Well, they are coming. The real question should not be WHEN will this technology be available, but rather, “how will we embrace it when it arrives?”


One technology that Amazon is trying to embrace within its business model, is introducing drones to deliver packages. I instantly begin to picture the drones flying on to my porch and dropping off my package thereby saving manpower, fuel and most importantly time. But one thing I don’t consider right away is what is that doing to the job force that delivers my packages now? Will those jobs become obsolete, or will drone delivery  only take care of places within a certain proximity to an Amazon warehouse or just certain zip codes? This type of technology definitely does present some problems we-collectively-must think about and address before we can fully embrace this as a new type of norm in our lives.

 Automobile Travel

By now, you may know someone with a hybrid vehicle, or you yourself may have one. But did you know that there is an unmanned Google car traveling across town running errands? Of course, there is someone behind the wheel in case of an emergency, but for the most part, the car will be traveling without human interference.  Did you also know that Ford is developing a car that can read road signs and adjust the speed of your car accordingly? Their goal is help drivers avoid speeding tickets and try to reduce the number of accidents.

These are just two small examples of technology that is coming. What do you think about Ford’s car; would you buy it? Do you embrace change and advancement in technology willingly or reluctantly? Feel free to leave comments below.


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