Southern Sass | Black and White

jacketJacket: Southern Grace

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this jacket. I don’t even have it in my possession yet, but I still love it! I have tried it on though so I’m not totally crazy.

This is a longer length coat which is nice, but I love the tweed/chevron print of the jacket, the big buttons and the fact that I can wear this with my leggings and it will cover the things that it needs to cover. =)

This is going to be a favorite of mine, I can tell.


**UPDATE** I now have this jacket in my possession and yes, it is quickly becoming a favorite. It is thick enough to keep me warm on these chilly Tennessee days we’ve had recently but not too bulky that I can’t wear a sweater underneath to really layer up and stay warm. If you are local to Knoxville and need a great place to find boutique style clothing at affordable prices, I suggest that you check out Southern Grace. You can find them via their facebook page too to stay on top of new arrivals! Be sure to ask for Ashley Hankla!


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