First Week is in the Books

Dream/Vision Board

Dream/Vision Board

Can you believe that  the first week of the new year is already in the books. How are you doing with your resolutions (if you made any)? I’m doing pretty good so far. Here are some of my successes:

-eaten out only twice

-started to work on our 2013 budget

-made our Dream/Vision board for this year

-started working out again

-started to get back on track with my eating habits

I realize it’s only Jan 7th, but hey, you have to start somewhere right? I’m hoping that by starting 2013 this way will not only create momentum but will encourage me to continue to do things to simplify, organize and take control of my life!

To stay on track of eating better for the week, I wrote down the breakfast, lunch and snack plans for the week. This helps me see what I’ve bought grocery-wise that maybe I’ve forgotten about. A typical breakfast (last week and this week too) was a frittata and a fruit salad. We filled it full of onions, peppers, shredded carrots and spinach. I cut up strawberries and blueberries and included a can of mandarin oranges that had been in my pantry in last weeks fruit salad. This week I substituted the mandarin oranges for pineapple. YUM-O!!

Healthy lunch

Hummus and Turkey Wrap w/bowl of chili

For lunch last week I decided to do a wrap with a cup of homemade, clean-eating chili. I put roasted red pepper hummus, spring mix greens, shredded carrots and low sodium boars head roasted turkey on a gluten-free wrap. What a yummy lunch. I thought I’d get bored eating the same thing for several days in a row, but surprisingly, I did not! Hooray for small victories!


One thought on “First Week is in the Books

  1. Great job! A properly balanced and full breakfast is one of the best things you can do daily to help with your healthy eating goal–it’s so very important to your body! Making a meal plan for the week is also a great thing to do–by “preloading” our decisions on what we’re going to eat through the week, we don’t have to think on a day-to-day basis in regards to “what’s for dinner/lunch?”, which means we won’t stray from our healthy choices as much into something that’s more convenient (and possibly a poor choice).

    Huzzah! Keep it up!

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